Why Choose AquaRay Aquarium Lighting?

The AquaRay LED Lighting System has been designed with reliability, efficiency and affordability in mind and comes with an unrivalled 5 year guarantee on the AquaBeam strips and tiles.


IP67 & No Fans


Optimised Current
& Branded Components


Simple Design & Modular

All AquaRay products are designed and assembled in the UK

Our Lighting

Tropical Marine Centre has worked closely with LED manufacturers since 2007 to ensure that its AquaRay Aquarium Lighting is effectively cooled without the need for fans, which can be noisy and will fail in time. The LEDs are run at their optimal drive current, which means that the highest lumens per watt ratio is achieved.

The modular design of the AquaRay system allows you to simply buy the right amount of lighting for your aquarium meaning a cheaper entry point and a system that can grow as you move onto larger setups. All the units create a fantastic “shimmer” effect and produce realistic colours and controllers are available separately.

Unfortunately some LED luminaire manufacturers use unbranded components, forced cooling via a fan and overpowered units. On top of this the guarantees they offer are usually no more than a year so what happens if a fan fails and the LEDs overheat? And what if there is a component failure outside of the guarantee period? In fact, why even bother to use LED technology if you’re not saving energy?

Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about any of this with AquaRay. What’s more, there is a huge range of mounting options available, using the clever AquaRay MMS Modular Mounting System. This is based around an aluminium rail that actually improves the heat sinking and therefore the unit’s overall performance. AquaRay can even be installed inside a hood due to the waterproof construction of the lighting units. If you are looking for a high quality lighting system backed up by a high level of support and the longest guarantee in the industry, it really is a no-brainer! This is why AquaRay has won “Marine Product of the Year” in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine’s Readers’ Poll for FIVE years running.

The AquaRay range is made up of simple subsections. Choose GroBeam if you are looking to light a freshwater planted setup. Choose AquaBeam if you are looking at marine. AquaBar is a more cost effective LED solution, and although still good for most applications, it is not recommended for hard corals or more technical planted aquaria. Finally the Flexi-LED strips are a low cost option for use in starter aquariums where light is only for display. They can also be used as a supplementary light to boost colours, or allow night viewing or acclimation. For more information on how to spec your lighting, please see our AquaRay User Guide.

AquaRay Aquarium Lighting Preview

Tip: Think longer-term when buying your aquarium lighting. Is there a possibility you’ll need more light in the future, and if so is your proposed set up expandable?


AquaRay only uses high quality branded components such as Cree®, Osram and Samsung and these components are encased in a rugged, waterproof housing to ensure maximum protection from everyday use over an aquarium.