AquaRay Control

There is a constantly evolving range of controllers for the AquaRay Control range that use PWM technology to time and dim the LEDs to create sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight effects.These are available in 2 channel versions to control 2 strips/mini tiles/combination or 1 tile, and also 8 channels to control 8 strips/minitiles/combination or 4 tiles, or a combination of strips/minitiles/tiles.

All easily programmable via a simple user interface and using a real time clock for accurate timing, these units all have an internal power supply to ensure that your settings are not lost in the event of a power outage.

Controllers that simulate lightning, cloud cover and moon phases are also available.


Always check the lighting requirements of the animals you are keeping. Some need lots of light to survive, whilst others prefer shaded spots.