Research at the University of Southampton has found an explanation for the puzzling observation that corals show such a stunning range of colours even when they are sat side-by-side on the reef. The related paper on the genetic basis of coral colour polymorphism in reef corals and its ecological implications came out in Molecular Ecology. The paper is open access so please feel free to download, tweet, blog and share with interested parties.

How corals get colourful.

Gittins, John R., Cecilia D’Angelo, Franz Oswald, Richard J. Edwards and Jörg Wiedenmann. “Fluorescent Protein-Mediated Colour Polymorphism in Reef Corals: Multicopy Genes Extend the Adaptation/Acclimatization Potential to Variable Light Environments.” Molecular Ecology 24, no. 2 (2015): 453-465.