AquaRay Flexi-LED Strips

AquaRay_Flexi-LED Strips

Flexi-LED Strips – Flexible Lighting Strips

1885 AquaRed Flexi-LED 1
1888 AquaBlue Flexi-LED 2
1889-1 AquaWhite Flexi-LED (6500K) Single 3
1889-2 AquaWhite Flexi-LED (6500K) Twin 3

Available in UK, EU, US and AUS versions

  • Flexible, self-adhesive LED lighting strips
  • Waterproof and low voltage
  • High output, single colour
  • Low voltage
  • Hand built in the UK

  • Can be fitted into an AquaRay MMS rail
  • 450mm long
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater aquaria
  • Manually dimmable with an AquaBar Dimmer Switch (sold separately)

AquaRay Flexi-LED Strips 2yrguarantee

Tip: The AquaRed Flexi LED Strips can be added to your system to improve the colour rendition of yellows, reds, oranges, and purples in your aquarium. It also makes a great light for night viewing and acclimation, as most aquatic life forms cannot see red